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Wedding Events Invitation

For our July wedding, I designed a wedding events invitation to invite our bridal party and family to the important events surrounding our wedding. The events included the wedding ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, gift opening and communicated information about the shuttle. Having one invitation was convenient for our guests, as it provided a simplified way to keep track of the event details. It was also convenient for us, as we avoided sending multiply invitations for events. 

The design of the invitation was text and icon based, using words and icons to express what is felt or what takes place at these events. The colors of the invitation were the colors we choose for our wedding. Pink and green being our main colors and yellow and purple as accenting colors. The invitations were printed on white card stock and cut by hand with an x-acto knife into individual sheets. Each sheet was hole punched and the invitation set was packaged together with a brass fastener. The invitation was mailed in a pink standard size mailing envelope and took only one stamp to mail. 

The benefit of having individual invitation sheets was that I could customize it based on the individual person or couple. For example, the bridal party was invited to all activities, so they received all five sheets in their invitation. However, our Grandparents were invited to only the rehearsal dinner and gift opening, receiving only those sheets and a cover sheet in their invitation.  

Designed With // Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Wedding Events Invitation Set

Wedding Events Invitation Set

Wedding Events Invitation Set // Individual Sheets

Wedding Events Invitation Set // Individual Sheets