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With a passion for art and design and a goal to operate my own freelance company, LUNALILYDESIGNS was born in 2010.

My passion for art and design started when I was a child. I remember being engrossed in coloring projects, carefully picking the perfect shade of crayon to craft a masterpiece for a refrigerator gallery. Or folding and cutting paper into heart-shaped cards or snowflake shapes for the holidays. Whether it was crafting, sewing, painting or photography, art and design have been staples in my life.

My passions lead me to pursue a Graphic Communications (Design) degree from Northern Michigan University. It was here that I learned about art history, structures of design and the wonders of architecture, sculpture and photography. I also had the opportunity to learn about Marketing through my on campus job as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant. Here I learned that design and marketing did not have to be separate entities and if properly paired together can create valuable and lasting results. My Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree was earned in 2003 and led me to a creative position in the printing industry.

In the printing industry, I learned about flexographic printing, color correction and digital output. Next, I pursued a position on an in-house Marketing team, creating and designing for the telecommunications industry. As part of the Marketing team, I soon realized the impact the process of building a Marketing campaign had on design. Crafting the campaign, imputing the details and thoroughly understanding the campaign’s goals allowed for results driven design.

In the continued pursuit of art, design and love, I moved to Chicago. There I took on the roles of Marketing Specialist/Graphic Designer and Sales and Marketing Manager. Then with a move to Portland, I took on a new role as Project Manager for a print agency working with Nike®. In Portland, I also had the opportunity to design teaching materials for teachers who teach children with autism. 

My passion for art and design continues to grow. I’m excited to help you with your design aspirations and your marketing or project management goals!

Please contact me with any questions or just to say hello!   

Aubrey Winters

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